7. One fun thing...

Newsroom's Shane Cowlishaw has another life besides being our National Affairs Editor and the father of infant twin boys. He is a beer podcaster.

It sounds to me like a great way to get out of the house and drink beer, but it's more than that. Shane and Michael Forbes have conversations about beer and politics, often with politicians and other people around the beltway of breweries. Their podcast is called The Beerhive.

This weekend, treat yourself to a nice IPA and their latest podcast over a beer with Opposition Leader National Simon Bridges.

I'm reliably informed there are outrageous wine comments at the 4:42 mark, some controversial parenting views at 9:10 and some tips about hair management at 18:50.

They also discuss Bridges' regret at voting to keep the drinking age at 20, whether building an export market for New Zealand beer is possible, if he will drive National towards a more conservative style of politics and, crucially, how he plans to win the next election.