Auckland Council approves Regional Fuel Tax

Auckland Council has voted to adopt the regional fuel tax to pay for transport infrastructure. Photo: Lynn Grieveson

Auckland Council has voted in favour regional fuel tax to fund transport infrastructure in the city. The council voted 15-2 in favour of an 11.5 cent increase in fuel excise for the Auckland region.

Councillors Greg Sayers and Sharon Stewart opposed the motion.

The council still requires the Government to pass legislation to implement the tax. The Land Transport Management Amendment Bill was introduced in March and is expected to be signed into law in June so that motorists start paying the tax from July 1.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford applauded the council for approving the tax.

“The Council’s National-aligned Councillors deserve a special mention for standing up for their local communities and defying their party heavyweights," he said.

The public has until May 14 to consult on the Regional Fuel Tax.

Aucklanders will be stung twice at the pump as the Government has announced that it will also increase fuel excise by between 9-12 cents a litre over three years nationally, meaning Aucklanders will face an increase in fuel excise of at least 20 cents a litre over three years.

National Party Leader Simon Bridges told media that he would scrap the regional fuel tax if elected in 2020.