Weekend reads for July 29-30

For the benefit of subscribers, here's a few longer reads on economic, political and social matters for the weekend.

This piece in The Atlantic looks in depth at the issue of filter bubbles and trust in the media. "To make collective decisions about our communities, our shared resources, and our government, we have to agree on basic facts. Today those facts can take on the shape of a funhouse mirror where we each see a distorted image tailored to our own expectations," Sally Lehrman writes.

Further to the UBI debate, Charles Kenny writes there’s a simple way to reform welfare: send money to those who need it, without conditions.

Further to the AI debate, this New York Times piece on how robots are being used to crash democracy raises some interesting questions about when a robot should be identified as a human.

So does that mean there will have to be 'Luddite-like' laws to protect jobs and ward off the robots? The American Enterprise Institute looks at that question here.

Have a great weekend.