Ruth Dyson's private member's bill a fizzer

Labour MP Ruth Dyson's private member's bill about a teacher code of conduct will likely be debated before Parliament next week.

But it has been somewhat neutered already, after the Education Council released the draft code the day after her bill was drawn from Parliament's biscuit tin.

The Education (Teacher's Code of Ethics" Amendment Bill had its genesis in a wider draft piece of work done by the PPTA.

This was done when there were grave concerns within the industry about how the newly-formed Council would approach a new code.

Those fears, however, have largely been allayed, with teacher groups saying they were pleasantly surprised how well the Council consulted.

This leaves Dyson in an awkward position, presenting a bill that is somewhat redundant.

She told Newsroom she accepts the timing could have been better, but said she would use the opportunity to debate the "validly of the professionalism of teachers".

The bill also includes a clause to change the name of the Education Council back to the Teachers Council, which is supported by industry.

It's unlikely the bill will progress past its first reading.