Teacher registration fees to more than double

Teachers will need to pay more to carry on teaching. Photo: Lynn Grieveson

Teachers will have to reach deeper into their pockets with registration fees set to more than double.

Right now it costs just over $220 every three years, but from 2019 that will jump to $510.

The huge increase was announced by the Education Council’s chief executive Dr Graham Stoop, at the organisation’s annual review before the Education and Science Select Committee on Wednesday.

Currently the Education Council, which was formed from the ashes of the Teacher’s Council in 2015, is funded by the Government.

But it has a mandate to be self-reliant by mid-2019, and that is the driver of the fee increase.

Stoop said the pricing had been through “robust” modelling by Deloitte, but stressed it had yet to go out to consultation with the industry.

Despite the rise, teacher’s registration fees are still lower than many other professions including social workers, midwives, and physiotherapists.

But from 2019 the proposal would also see their fee adjusted annually alongside the Consumer Price Index.

Any fee increase will likely not sit well with teachers and it will be interesting to see what feedback is received during consultation, which is due to begin next week.