Education changes top priority for outgoing Minister

Hekia Parata is pushing for the Education (Update) Amendment Bill, which would introduce controversial "COOL" online schooling, to be passed before she steps down from Parliament. Photo: Lynn Grieveson

Work on outgoing Education Minister Hekia Parata’s legacy project is heating up as her time in charge nears an end.

Education sources have noted that progress on the Education (Update) Amendment Bill has been shifted to the top of the pile in hopes it can be accelerated.

Initially most doubted there was any chance of it passing before the election but this is now seen as a distinct possibility.

The Bill proposes some big changes, including the introduction of controversial Communities of Online Learning, or online schooling for short.

As Parata’s top piece of legislation it would be a win for her if passed in its current state before she steps down after the election and she will be desperate to see it happen.