Hive News Friday: Hive News to become Newsroom Pro from Monday

Copyright Lynn Grieveson / Hive News

After just over three years of publishing daily, this will be the last Hive News email in this format, but it's the beginning of a bigger and better news service.

From Monday, email subscribers will receive Newsroom Pro's 8 things at 8 am email and will have access to a much more substantial Newsroom Pro service with more news, analysis and insight from a team of editors in the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

Hive News' sub editor Lynn Grieveson and I have joined up with Newsroom New Zealand Ltd to launch Newsroom and Newsroom Pro from Monday. Newsroom NZ Ltd was formed by Tim Murphy and Mark Jennings and a group of other excellent journalists and editors in Auckland this year to meet a growing need for news about the things that matter.

I am a shareholder in the new venture and am looking forward to building an essential and sustainable news business that is funded by sponsorship and subscriptions. will be a publicly accessible site that will also launch on Monday and is funded by sponsorship, including from Holden, Chorus and Victoria University. Newsroom Pro's reporters and editors will be contributing to this public site, building on the reporting and editing that we do for Newsroom Pro, which is a subscription site.

Newsroom Pro subscribers will receive exclusive news, analysis, insight, interviews and explainers from a team of four in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, including myself as Newsroom Pro's Managing Editor, National Affairs Editor Shane Cowlishaw, a Foreign Affairs Editor we are hiring and our editor and photographer Lynn Grieveson. In Auckland, Newsroom's Environment Reporter Eloise Gibson will also contribute to the Newsroom Pro service. We aim to grow and extend the depth and breadth of coverage of policy and politics as the overall Newsroom operation grows.

Corporate subscribers to Newsroom Pro will also have access to Newsroom Pro Raw.

This is an existing service that was previously called Newsroom. This previous Newsroom service was aimed at corporate libraries and databases that wanted a full, unvarnished and comprehensive feed of news releases and data from Government, political parties, companies and lobby groups about Government, business and society. Newsroom Pro Raw's database of over 730,000 releases stretches back to 1996 and is the most comprehensive and clean database of these releases in New Zealand. It is coded by sector, topic and organisation and is easily searchable. And unlike the Internet, it is not subject to 'link rot'.

Existing corporate subscribers to Hive News will have trial access to Newsroom Pro Raw for a three month period to the end of June. Please reply to this email, or email me at, or call me on 0278660011 to arrange access to Newsroom Pro Raw. During that time we'll be in touch to propose a corporate subscription arrangement that works for your organisation for the new Newsroom Pro.

We aim to make Newsroom Pro an essential service for those in corporate and Governmental life who want to know what is happening in Government, politics, policy and society. And most importantly, why it's happening, what it means for the economy an society and what might happen next.

Subscribers to Newsroom Pro will also help support the public dissemination of expert news and analysis to the public on the public site, helping to keep our democracy and society informed, healthy and functional. The decline of the current commercial news organisations and their fourth estate function is just as much of a challenge for our democratic institutions as in some other countries. We want to build a new organisation that has a business model that can carry out that role.

I welcome your feedback and I'd like to thank you for your support over the last three and a bit years.

Meanwhile, look out below for the final 'Weekend Reads', which I'm told has been a popular feature of Hive News. We will continue to feature these links to interesting and more thoughtful longer reads in our daily '8 things at 8 am' emails. Also, please accept my apologies for the sparser nature of the emails in recent days as I've been focused on building this new news operation and preparing for Monday's launch.

We are now ready for launch and look forward to your support in building Newsroom and Newsroom Pro into an essential part of your day.



10 March 2017