Weekend Reads

For the profit and pleasure of subscribers, here's a few longer reads from around the Internet on economic, social and political issues for the weekend.

I've referenced Peter Thiel before in these weekend reads, so this week's dramas around the revelation of his New Zealand citizenship makes it worth looking again in more depth at Peter Thiel. This Vanity Fair piece on the Thiel vs Nick Denton's Gawker is an entertaining deep dive into how they both operated. It explains how a libertarian billionaire used those billions to shut down the most free wheeling advocates of free speech. Neither side come out of it with much credit.

This Evan Osnos piece in the New Yorker about tech billionaires buying property (and citizenship?) in New Zealand as 'apocalypse insurance' helped set the scene for the Thiel story.

This New York Magazine compilation of the various insider accounts of the first four days of the Trump Presidency is an absolute hoot. "Nearly a dozen of Trump’s closest confidantes helped plant an embarrassing news story about how their boss can’t handle embarrassing news stories," Eric Levitz reported. There's still 1,461 days to go in Trump's first term.

Have a great weekend.