We need to do more to prepare our high school students for tertiary study –psychologically, academically and in terms of career choices - say student leaders, healthcare providers and mental health advocates.

The OECD has offered up a cure for New Zealand's economic achilles heel of poor productivity, but it's also hopeful that recently strong immigration will drive an improvement in the long run.

New Zealand may be surging forward economically, but in the shadows, many of our children are hungry, sick, and struggling for a quality education. A new report from UNICEF is grim reading about our children’s plight.

In today's email we follow Prime Minister Bill English on his trip to the Pacific, and learn one task he had to complete before setting off was apologising to Israel for co-sponsoring the UN resolution on Israel's settlements in Palestinian territories being illegal.

With record numbers of international visitors arriving, the calls are getting louder for them to pay for the strain on infrastructure. But with tourism now New Zealand’s main industry, should we take the risk? Shane Cowlishaw reports.


Labour has announced it would reduce net migration by 20,000 to 30,000 a year if it was in government, mostly by limiting the work visas available to international students at private training establishments.