Prime Minister-designate Jacinda Ardern has named the Labour ministers who will make up the new Government, as she prepares to speak to the Governor-General and iron out final coalition discussions.

The change to a Labour-led coalition government will bring new ideas and energy to a wide range of New Zealand’s economic challenges. The top three are: creating a high value economy, driving a step-change in quality and quantity of housing and infrastructure, and transitioning to a low emissions economy.

In one of the strangest Government announcements ever, the country’s new Prime Minister found out they had the job at the same time as all of New Zealand. Shane Cowlishaw picks out some of the more colourful moments of a hectic night.

A free trade deal between the European Union and New Zealand is moving closer to fruition - but a full-blown spat over market access could be a sign of troubles ahead.

Soon the new Government will be announced and incoming Ministers will begin receiving their briefings (BIMS). Shane Cowlishaw does the work for the bureaucrats and writes a BIM for whoever is the next Education Minister.

We’re still waiting to find out who will form our next government - but whether it’s National or Labour, they and their coalition partners will face some pressing questions within days of taking power. Here’s a taster of the big issues that may be on their minds.


Those expecting any sort of deal to form a Government today should hold their horses, Bernard Hickey writes. Winston Peters hasn't even started talking with Bill English about ministerial positions or governing arrangements. And the New Zealand First board (and National or Labour) would then have to sign off on those too.